Toward a carbon-neutral society realized by hydrogen technology
We are pleased to invite you to the ‘2nd Global Hydrogen Energy Symposium’.

The transition from the carbon economy to the hydrogen economy is imperative to achieve carbon neutrality
and the development of the next-generation, innovative hydrogen technologies is critical to realize the hydrogen economy.

In that regard, the Ministry of Science and ICT and Korea Institute of Energy Research are going to host
the ‘2nd Global Hydrogen Energy Symposium’ on September 14,
in a bid to propose directions for the development of innovative hydrogen technologies that could herald the hydrogen economy
and to seek collaborative responses to make a leap forward and emerge as a leading country of the hydrogen economy.

Joined by the top experts at home and abroad, the symposium will be an opportunity to share and learn
about the latest trends on the hydrogen technology, policy, market, and overall industry.
In the morning session, Special Sessions will provide an overview of the policy and technology trends
of the leading countries in terms of hydrogen technology.
In the afternoon, there will be discussions on the status of domestic production of clean hydrogen and
the technological development of hydrogen storage and transportation.
In particular, with global experts from Japan, Australia, Denmark and Norway,
in-depth discussions will be held on green ammonia which will serve a pivotal role
in green hydrogen trade and zero-carbon fuel supply.

As our symposium expects to suggest a roadmap toward a challenging journey of achieving net-zero emission,
we anticipate your engagement so that we could seek strategies together to overcome constraints in developing
hydrogen technologies
and to secure world-class technological competencies.

Thank you.